Monday, September 24, 2007

Rockefeller Memorial Chapel

The Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. 5850 S. Woodlawn. Designed and built at the request of John D. Rockefeller to be the "central and dominant feature" of the campus of the University of Chicago. More facts and photos here.


  1. Wow, we've been there a time or two. My wife and I remember sitting in the Chapel years ago with our daughter at a ceremony for incoming U of C freshmen. The dean of the College talked about a facetious article just published in the Harvard Lampoon, ranking 500 major US colleges and universities on a best parties/fun to go to index. Number 498 was West Point, 499 was Brigham Young and 500 was the University of Chicago. Turned out to be wrong.

    By the way, my weak memory got the exhibits at the Garfield Conservatory mixed up.. The Chihuly show got extended a couple of times, I think, and we saw the Saint Phalle exhibit earlier this year. Lots of fun and certainly lots to photograph.

  2. "The carillon tower contains 72 cast bronze cup-shaped bells, the second largest such instrument in the world." I'd love to hear those bells!

  3. Thanks Bob, and fenix for your comments. Bob, I'm glad this photo reminded you of a memorable occasion. And lol re the chihuly...where is he anyway, right now?

    Fenix, thanks for mentioning the carillon. Actually that's my favorite part of the Rockefeller chapel and it is close enough that I can hear it from my house. It sounds really beautiful and sort of old-worldish.

  4. You live pretty far south of me!!! Have you been to the Medici?

  5. I sowed my wild oats in Chicago,and the University of Chicago definitely was a hot spot while I lived in Hyde Park. Great photo of a great chapel!

  6. Beautiful photo and chapel!

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