Monday, September 17, 2007

Nathan Hale Court

435 N. Michigan Avenue. Statue of Nathan Hale at the Tribune Tower.


  1. I love Chicago, Michigan Avenue, and the Tribune tower. But what is this fascination with the Midwest cities re. Nathan Hale. Check out St. Paul's statue that I, too, posted. Our statue resides in a small, neatly maintained park along historic Summit Avenue:

  2. I'm glad to see a statue of Nathan Hale; I don't recall seeing any in Boston. It's good to remember that some Americans have stood up for what they believed, regardless of the consequences. We could use a little bit more of that nowadays.

  3. I love this building..the last time we were in Chicago it was dressed in festive finery as we were there during Thanksgiving ...:)

  4. Thanks, Kate, clueless, fenix and moi!

    Kate, thanks for leaving me the link, I'd like to see that too.

    Clueless and Fenix, Nathan Hale seems to be much closer connected to Boston than Chicago, doesn't he? But he appears to be well remembered and loved everywhere as Kate mentioned.

    Moi, yes this is a gorgeous building and since you saw this during the holidays, then it was even doubly gorgeous! Hmm, time to start planning for another trip maybe?

  5. I adore this composition, the contrast between the statue and the woman nervously carrying her package away - with the open swing doors and then a sealed set of doors -- the allusions here are manifold.