Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jackson Harbor

Okay, here we are at Jackson Harbor. I took this from the Marina Cafe (an interminable wait but excellent food) which is housed in Jackson Harbor Station formerly a coast guard outpost. It was beautiful, and slightly chilly, and though we were a small group of patrons, about four or five tables in all--the lower deck was closed for the end of season--everyone was having a good time thanks to the house specialty: rum smoothies. Anyway, here is a link that will show you superb other views of this lovely and peaceful area by Chicago architecture critic Lee Bey, please go and check his site out--it is full of goodies and treasures and supremely well done photography; and last but not least, here's a link to what the dp blog Chicago Flair posted on Jackson Harbor in July of this year.


  1. Rum smoothies, you say? Where? Where!? I'd really love to taste one right now.

    Thanks for the links. Lee's photography is remarkable.

  2. Do many people sail/boat up to this cafe?

  3. Is this near Jackson Park, about 6300 south? Used to live in Hyde Park but don't remember this harbour. But, that was a looong time ago!!

  4. OK ...I am all about the fun with rum smoothies!!!