A New About For The New Normal

It's been such a long strange trip, blogging almost-daily photos of Chicago those last twelve years--and now here we are in the midst of a global pandemic. I'll keep posting my photos as I go, and maybe include older ones too--the ones from before anyone knew there was going to be a 'before'- since almost all my wanderings around the city have been reduced to brief and brisk walks to the store or around the block. In case you share in the intersecting interests I have in poetry, language, art and photography, you might like my other blog too. And now, I'm also on Instagram. Thanks so much for keeping up with me this far, and take care of yourselves, everyone, wherever you are.
Peggy Stevenson,  (a.k.a b.c.)

*As you can see I've kind of taken a break that seems to be a little more permanent. Please follow me on Instagram or Facebook. And I also have a Youtube page, just in case you're interested, but that is not me singing or playing music.  Thank you again for the wonderful blogging trip we shared! 

November 26, 2023


  1. Hi Peggy. 21 years is a long time! It is a pity what’s happening at these times, and maybe even longer. To be always in the same area is frustrating. I liked to look at your peculiar pictures; I hope that you will find a motivation to continue again. I feel the same way. When it gets a little better, a little sunnier, and a little more enjoyable, Pictures will have a new sense again. Maybe one day a genius will find a brilliant solution!
    Wish you all, the best and stay safety. :))

    1. Thank you so much my friend! This has been a very difficult time and I wish the same good health and safety to you. I hope when this is over we can all celebrate :))

    2. It’s indeed a confusing and painful time. What hurt most are the so many deceased, and the high number of cases every day. I also wish to be cheering one day. It’s not easy but I think it will come better again.
      Wish you all the best. :))