Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blow Wind Blow

Mayor Daley has pledged to rid the city of homelessness by 2012--and through various research methods found that the number of homeless people in Chicago has gone down dramatically since. This man going through the trash on Michigan Avenue is supposedly just one of the few (24 to be precise) homeless people living on the streets of downtown. But what do I know, really...


  1. That's such a good photo.

    About the 24 homeless people in a 12-block area of Chicago, dunno, how can they be sure? I hope the city finds/builds suitable permanent housing and provides psychological treatment for them, also. Boston, and the whole country, should do the same.

  2. it is a good thing if the number of homelessness has indeed been reduced. I hope they know what they are talking about. Thanks for the visit to my site.

  3. 24 people? What a joke! Who's doing the counting? Your link to the article sheds more light on it, but I can't help but scoff. Wouldn't it be grand if all cities could dramatically reduce the numbers?

  4. Some people want to live the life of a kind of hermit. I have a friend who owns a farm and has lifestock but looks like, dresses like, and claims to be a hermit.

    I would be surprised if any city can do this unless they cart the people off and lock them up and that is what was done in Europe fifty-plus years ago.

  5. Apparently not as much as the mayor!!!

  6. I think all your homeless have come here.
    I literally trip over all the homeless people in the neighbourhood I work in. I wish Toronto would figure out some solution.

  7. Good photo. So you are having a windy day as well!

    As for the homeless, didn't Atlanta do something similar with their "problem" prior to the Olympics? I thought they had shipped their homeless out of the city and would fine and jail them if they returned?

    I'm all for solving homeless problems and like you I don't think hiding the problem or numbers is the answer.

    Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog.