Monday, August 27, 2007

Underwater Pinniped View

I took this from the underwater viewing gallery at the Pinniped House of Brookfield Zoo. The Brookfield Zoo is located about 12 miles west of downtown Chicago, in the suburb of Brookfield. If you plan to go, be advised that this zoo sits on 200 plus acres of land and things are spread out so wear comfortable shoes and use your map so you don't waste time or energy doubling'll need everything you've got for the trek back to the parking lot!


  1. Great! When you enlarge the photo you feel like you're right there! Lovely crystalline greens.

  2. Those colors are wonderful. Enlarge it, frame it, display it - that's what I think about this photo.

  3. some of the best and worst memories when the kids were little were at Brookfield Zoo....we spent HOURS waiting for the rhino to surface once....and one Easter weekend freezing our feet off! nice shot!

  4. Thanks for the comments, fenix, annie and neva. I do love the colors in this photo, and the "other-worldly" feel to it.

    I like your suggestion, Annie! I have yet to actually print out any of these photos--but now you've given me a great idea...