Monday, August 20, 2007

How far to...?

On Dock Street at the Pier. In our new world gone high speed and global, it's still useful to know the actual distances between our cities, countries and continents so we can calculate such things as gas mileage and hours to travel. Of course, frequent flyers will be quick to tell you that these two variables often operate entirely separately, affected by airport security, congestion, and of course, the weather.


  1. The "utilitarian" sign is a great advertisement for the airline. The colours are true and very bright!!

  2. Pst, pst... um... 1015 miles... ----> to the Hub... :D

  3. How did American Airlines get its logo on this sign? And the arrows directions are all messed up. Rio is south-southeast of Chicago. NY and Dublin are kinda sorta in the same direction, but not exactly. As an American Airlines frequent flyer, I'll go to Dublin. Lots of fun and virtually no danger.


  4. So now we know - you are either in New York, Dublin, or Rio De Janeiro. Wherever you are - hope you are having a good time. Cute picture of the horse whisper. Looks like a meeting of the minds.

  5. Thanks, kate, for your comment! I thought it was an interesting sign but I think I should have included the airplane on top of the AA logo--since it really was just an ad for the airline...

    Fenix, 1015 miles sounds like a lot! It is amazing to learn just how far a place is and yet know how easy it is to get there thanks to air travel...

    Bob, proof perhaps that corporate sponsorship can get your logo stamped on just about anything, whether the arrows are pointed correctly or not...?

    wendy, yes and no...I was in New York City but I'm back now--my schedule has just been nuttier than usual which is why it's like I've been away much longer...bear with me :)

  6. What a darling sign. I have not noticed it before.