Thursday, August 23, 2007

Last Call for Summer

These two boys were having a rolling good time on the beach at 57th. By next week, they'll be doing roll call and homework. But for now, it's time to soak up these last blazing hot days...


  1. Love Chicago's parks and shoreline. It is one of America's beautiful cities. Enjoy visiting it. I used to live in Hyde park and will always love it there.

  2. Look at that happy face! :)

    So, in a week or so can vacuum the car, right? ;)

    The past few days have been unseasonably cool in my area. Perfect weather for walking.

  3. Ah, if only we had a Lake Michigan in Kansas City!

  4. We Brits just never imagine that you have sandy beaches in Chicago.

    South Shields has miles of golden sands.

    South Shields Daily Photo

  5. We have been in school since last Wed....a big difference between the city and the suburbs! Nice shot.

  6. Thanks for the comments, kate, fenix, waldo, curly and neva! The weather changed so drastically yesterday afternoon--really really wicked tornado-strength wind and rain--that the schools that have opened are closed for today, and no one is playing on the beaches...