Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back in the Loop

The Chicago Loop is the downtown area that is circumnavigated by the elevated train (known as the el), although mostly we say "in the Loop" to indicate anything located downtown, whether or not the el has a stop nearby. Does your city's downtown have a nickname?

p.s. This was a rainy morning about three weeks ago--it is actually bright and sunny right now. Thanks to all who visited while I was ghost blogging from another city--I'm back and will return to haunting my own city once again. Cheers, everyone!


  1. I always find pictures taken from a moving car/bus/train to be interesting; but I hope you weren't driving when you took this picture. ;-)

  2. I know exactly where this photo was taken. I've been there many many many times, in rain and shine and snow too.

  3. Welcome back!

    So, while you guys up there are in the Loop, down here we are in the Hub (of the Universe)!

  4. Thanks clueless, annie and fenix! I am happy to be back...

    Clueless, although I often do take photos from my car, I do only if I am not moving or in traffic, or if my husband is driving..

    Annie, It's nice to know people can recognize my everyday places and remember them fondly...at least I hope they bring back fond memories!

    Fenix, I'd love to visit your Hub!!!

  5. akkkkkkkkk I am reliving the nightmare of trying to decide which one to go on!!!!!...really, I like this....I was just there. lol