Friday, August 17, 2007

Listening to Children

An exhibit at the Chicago Children's Museum poses the question: Who are the important people in your community? Children from everywhere are asked to draw the person most important to them and say why. Some of the answers are simple (example: my mom, my dad, my dog, etc.) and others reveal a more complicated life (example: Shannon, because she tucks me in at night).


  1. What an amazing exhibit. I would love to get to see it. Kids are so open and willing to reveal themselves, it's so sweet and pure. There was an exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario (in Toronto) that invited anyone and everyone to draw a postcard size self portrait and they were displayed along a great wall. Thousands of them, each and every one completely different from the next. So revealing about the way we see ourselves.

  2. Coach Steve must be very proud :). I'd like to meet the kid who drew the planet.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. This is great! I wish I could take my elementary students there. :)

  4. I have enjoyed your post today.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting there. I appreciate that a lot.

    Abraham Lincoln
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  5. It's well done "to listen" the children. Unfortunately we're too busy to over talk them and we forget to listen them

  6. Children's Museum is an interesting idea. Having seen so many museums in the world, I don't remember visiting a children's museum. Not even in Chicago, but I was there too long ago...

  7. thanks for all the comments, toronto, fenix, jandrew, oldmanlincoln, fabrizio, gmg and travelphil.

    Toronto, I like your comment very much, it is very much in the spirit of this exhibit I just saw.

    Fenix, I liked that you liked that planet...

    J. Andrew, field trip?

    fabrizio, thanks for your thoughtful comment. Listening to children should really be a priority, I really believe that...

    Oldmanlincoln, I hope your carpal tunnel is better...

    GMG, maybe it is time to visit Chicago again, hmmm?

    travelphil, your photos are so awesome...thank you for stopping by my Chicago blog.