Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alternatives, Inc.

This is part of a beautiful and exuberant mosaic mural that spans the entire building's face of Alternatives, Inc. on 4730 N. Sheridan Road. Alternatives is a youth and family agency serving the city's north side. Their programs include counseling, career and employment skills training, summer and after school activities, as well as varied art and cultural activities. (Read more on them here.)


  1. It's a wonderful mural, full of colour and depicting energy and joy. Great find!

  2. wow!! that's a lot of colors and fun!!

  3. The mural is striking (in a few years kids will point at the monitor and keyboard and ask "What's that?!" LOL).

    What a great service Alternatives provides.

    (Hubby is glued to the TV... White Sox vs Red Sox at Wrigley Field.)

  4. I don't know where this is but it is very pretty. I will look the next time I am on Sheridan road!

  5. Exuberant is right! And what a great agency, I'm sure they much in demand in the neighborhood.

  6. Thanks for the comments, kate, moi, fenix,neva and z! I want to go back and take more photos of this mural, and maybe even some of the artists who had a hand in its creation...

    kate and moi, I am always looking for color when I scour the city for my blog...and I love it when I find it!

    fenix, the white sox have not been having a great season...sigh.

    neva, this is the section of Sheridan that's in Uptown.

    Yes, z, this agency is a very bright star in their neighborhood.