Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Snow on the Prairie

Bobolink Meadow, Chicago.


  1. Blankets of untrodden snow make for nice views.

  2. During the night (my night = your evening) just a sec before this photo you posted two that probably you didn't like. One of them showed a man while he was cleaning snow from sidewalk. I know, this is so ordinary, but I loved it so much 'cause snow wasn't dirty yet but so white and pure and the whole scene -at my eyes- was intimate and suggestive.

  3. There is nothing like a fresh coat of snow on the city and its parks.

  4. Beautiful photo--I can't get enough of snow. :) I really love the starkness of the bare branches against all that white!


  5. It´s rare to snow in Setúbal. Perhaps 40 in 40 years.

  6. Nice view. I like pics with fresh snow. Is it early or is it normal for it to snow now?

  7. Thank you, Wendy, Fabrizio, R&R, Michelle, Maria Elisa, and Hyberabad!

    Wendy and Michelle, I agree, I like the snow best when it's fresh on the ground...

    Fabrizio, thank you for commenting on the first photos I originally're right, I thought they weren't that interesting...and now I realize that what looks ordinary and uninteresting to me may still be interesting to others. Thanks for telling me this!

    R&R, any plans for a visit home???

    Maria Elisa, I wouldn't mind if Chicago's weather was more like Setubal's--I imagine you have milder winters than ours...

    Hyberabad, I guess it's fairly normal for it to snow at this time...sometimes the snow comes sooner than this, sometimes the snow comes later...last year it was later...

  8. Beautiful. Just love the snow.

    Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog. I know what you mean about the slush & muddy snow being distracting but lucky up north, I just have to look away from the roads and then I can see the "clean" snow again.