Friday, December 28, 2007

Lonely Boy

Crown Fountain in the winter. Click here for a summer view.


  1. Must confess that, except for the expression on his face, doesn't seem to have much difference between summer torado and winter pictures... ;))
    Wish you a very happy, healthy and successful 2008!

  2. It's a joy to be in Chicago via your blog today. I scrolled down and saw all the sights I've missed while being out of town. If I'd been in Chicago, ah . . . thanks to you, I just was.

  3. what's he doing there? I don't see slogans, so assume it's not an ad billboard?

  4. Thanks Gmg, Annie, and Suzi-k!

    Suzi-k, it's a fountain that features faces of Chicago people. Children play in this fountain in the warm months.

    Gmg, I guess I tend to loiter around here when it's quiet and empty but I did feature this fountain in June with children playing--I should have linked to that one...

    Thanks for the visit Annie! Come again soon...

  5. His expression has changed. Looks real lonely now!

  6. thanks, web-oj...I always get that lonesome feeling when i see the face on the fountain and there's no one else around...