Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wreathing an Attitude of Defiance

The two bronze lions flanking the Art Institute on Michigan Avenue have been wreathed since November 23 in the annual wreathing of the lions ceremony marking the start of the holiday season. The lions, installed in 1893, were created by American scultpor Edward Kemeys who gave the unidentical lions their unofficial names: "an attitude of defiance" and "on the prowl."


  1. I'm guessing that this photo was taken before the snow!!! I did not know this......I was down at St. Ignatius today...a very long drive but what a beautiful building...I had no time for photos as I was working!

  2. I believe this lion is wearing the "Pride of Christmas Decoration" around his neck!

  3. Oh, what a delightful photo! Love the vibrant colour around his neck!


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  4. I am a real fan of impressionism and the Chicago Art Institute has one of the best collections anywhere. I really like this pic of the twins and thanks for the history lesson. I don't think I ever knew that these guys had names!

  5. Thank you Neva, Rambling Round, Pat and Dan!

    Yes, Neva, I took this before the snow fell yesterday.

    Rambling, I like that name you've given the wreath!

    Pat, a wreath is always a nice thing to see during the holiday season, even taxis are be-wreathed these days...

    Dan, the Art Institute is also one of my absolute favorite places to go--I never get tired of seeing even the same paintings or works of art--somehow there's always something new to discover--and I didn't know the lions' names until I did some research for my photo!

  6. hehe, the attitude of defiance is somewhat diluted by the frothy red decoration behind the ear!!!

  7. Haha suzi-k, you're right--not too defiant looking, is he now?