Tuesday, December 4, 2007

KAM Isaiah Israel

The first Jewish settlers in Chicago organized Kehilath Anshe Maariv in 1847. Isaiah Israel is the second oldest congregation, founded in 1852. The two merged to form KAM Isaiah Israel Temple in 1971. The temple is on Greenwood and Hyde Park Avenue. The Weiss Museum of Judaica is also located here. Click here to find a better view of this byzantine-inspired building. Today is the first day of the Festival of Lights--if you celebrate, Happy Hanukkah!


  1. Very cool looking. Does the ivy cover the side in the summer?

  2. I love the ancient quality here, which goes perfectly with the religion's long history.

    B.C., those initials go quite well also, don't they.

    Happy Hanukkah!

  3. Thanks for your comments, Jim, Annie, and Northbay! Yes, Jim, the ivy grows up the side of the temple in the summer...

    Annie, I hope you clicked onto the other view I put in the post, it was such a cold day and I couldn't move too well in the wind so I took one shot and popped back into my car. But it is a very handsome and other worldly looking building...

    Hi Northbay! It snowed most of today too--so your Lake Shore Drive and ours looked pretty much identical today...

  4. I liked the other shot better. :)

    btw, the earliest of the three Jewish diasporas reached India almost 2000 years ago! There is a book called "Who Are the Jews of India?" on this.
    If by any chance you are interested, I can paste the book review which is quite informative. Or I can post it on the net and send you the URL.

  5. Thank you, Hyberabad! I'd love to read up on the review of "The Jews of India"--sounds very interesting...