Monday, December 17, 2007

Gold Star Families Memorial

Between Soldier Field and Burnham Harbor, this steel sculpture marks the landscaped five acre site dedicated to fallen police officers. The pattern on this structure is evocative of the badge worn by the Chicago Police Department. Unfortunately, the name of its creator is not marked, or perhaps I was unable to find it due to the two foot high snowdrifts surrounding the base. At any rate, here's a blog I read often called Second City Cop. Give it a go see and be enlightened and entertained. Cops have feelings too...


  1. Very unusual! That's a neat way to remember those fallen.

  2. BC, another wonderfully evocative pic. I like the starkness of this memorial. Also thanks for the link. I book marked the blog.

  3. Thank you Rambling Round and Dan, for your comments.

    Rambling, there were actually two of these structures standing close together but the other photos I took didn't show them off too clearly so I chose this one.

    Dan I hope you enjoy the blog--I think it's a great window into current events in the city...

  4. This is a wonderful structure. Nice photo.

    Alex's World! -

  5. Looks very interesting building! I like your shot too!

  6. BC, i like this photo a lot and i like how you conveyed its imposing quality - just like the police force. I really enjoy your entire blog about Chicago - the words and pics. You've created a great place to learn about the city from a citzen's perspective.
    Thanks! And don't stop! I'll be back often.

  7. Thank you Ioanna, Alex and Anonymous

    Welcome to Chicago, Alex! I hope to see you here again

    Anonymous, thank you for coming by my blog and for leaving your kind and generous comment. I hope to see you here again too.

  8. I will have to look for this when I am next downtown....very nice.