Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Nordstrom on the Magnificent Mile. A helpful hint for your list this year: consumer reports say clothing was the most disappointing gift among recipients in 2006.


  1. I think I've become shopophobic.

    About gifts of clothing, yeah, it makes sense. I think that's because people have this "what can I get her/him for twenty bucks" attitude. I really don't understand why people put themselves in that situation. Why do they feel they need to buy gifts for everyone they know?

  2. OK, clothing is no good as a gift; I accept caviar instead! ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I remember when I was a freshman or sophomore at St. Louis University and didn't have enough money to fly home to New Jersey. I spent the weekend at the home of a friend in Chicago - my first visit to the city. There were television reports of hundreds of thousands of shoppers descending onto State Street and North Michigan Avenue. They showed pictures of human gridlock around Marshall Fields. I'd never seen such a thing.

    These days, I do 98% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. Anyone with deep pockets want to peruse my wish list?

  4. OK, no socks for you for Christmas:)

    I wonder where books were on that list? I remember when my son was about 4, a friend got him a book for his birthday and after unwrapping the "toy" he had such a stunning look of disappointment, my friend felt so bad she went out and had a big balloon bouquet delivered to him.

  5. Technology must top the list for gift preferences. In our family we have developed a tradition where we draw names and by a book for the person we drew. We have to explain why we bought that particular book for that particular person. It is fun and often heartwarming.

  6. I detest Christmas shopping. It's now seen as something you 'have' to do, rather than something you 'want' to do.

  7. My Mom always gifted us books... and we always looked forward to it!

  8. Thank you for your comments, Fenix, GMG, Strangetastes, Clueless, Dan, Gail's Man, and Weboj.

    GMG: I'm pointing you in the direction of Dean and Deluca! And make that two orders (one for you and one for me! I like caviar too!)

    Strangetastes: Thankfully, I didn't witness any stampedes. Btw, what exactly is on that Amazon list that requires deep pockets?

    Clueless, aww--I was sooo looking forward to my new socks from you! ;)

    Dan, I believe electronics/technology topped the list of most appreciated. And I do like this practice your family has of matching a person to a book. Thanks for sharing it with us here!

    Fenix and Gail's man: You could declare your own holiday like in June and surprise everybody with sweet little presents that show you love them. Then when December comes, you can just sit back and sip your eggnog...

    Weboj, your mom gave you the best gift, and that is an appreciation for books and reading.

  9. It looks like black friday with all the black clothing!

  10. yes, have you noticed? once the weather gets cold, it's like we all morph into undertakers...