Friday, November 9, 2007

Bulls On The Way

Breaking their oh-in-four streak...finally! Go, Bulls!


  1. Go Bulls! It looks like the bus driver needs a refresher course on driving. Looks like he tried to run the red but didn't quite make it. I gues it's the same in every large city. In Boston, I always look both ways, even when crossing a one way street:)

  2. Nice photo. I will wish well for your Bulls except for when they are playing the Raptors!!!

    Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog. Being in the northeastern part of Ontario, we actually get the storms that have passed through Chicago. For your cold weather, you will have to blame the folks in Calgary, Regina & Winnipeg!!

  3. Thank you, Clueless, Northbay, and kmf!

    Clueless, you are right about this bus driver...not so great at stopping where he should.

    Northbay, your Raptors won! Thankfully, the Bears won their game Sunday against the Packers...(ah yes, anything to take the rub off..grin grin)

    Welcome to Chicago, kmf!

  4. We know nothing of baseball in Kuwait or India. But I have a towel with that bull adorning it. The bus looks really cool!

  5. That's okay, weboj--there are a lot of sports I have no clue as to how to follow (cricket comes to mind) but it is nice to know you've got some Chicago memorabilia over there!