Friday, January 25, 2008

No Time Like The Present

The Wrigley Building, 400 Michigan Avenue. Notice how the west clock seems to run slower than the south clock. P.S. I've not been able to visit anyone's dpb over the last few days and have only been able to squeeze a visit to my own blog between too much and too many...thanks very much for your patience, your visits and your comments!


  1. I haven't lived in Chicago for about 15 years, but it will always be "home."
    Thank you for giving me a daily slice of the best city in the world.

  2. Slow down, it's Friday and the weekend is here:)

    I seem to remember a George Carlin routine about time that might be appropriate to mention here, but I won't.

  3. Hopefully the warm-up is coming, thanks for your comment on my site. No worries about slipping out of the life for a bit, as long as you keep posting yer good.
    I know I'm not a old-timer by any stretch (111 posts), but sticking with anything is difficult. As long as you get back on the horse, eh?

    - Mitch in Minneapolis

  4. Too much and too many; how I understand you...
    Enjoy a great weekend!

  5. Good observation about the clock!

    Thanks for the YMMD award. Sorry I was not able to visit recently. I give you the award because I learned a lot about Chicago from yours.

  6. Anonymous, welcome to my chicago dp and thank you for your comment (best city--oh i like that) I hope to see you here again

    Thank you clueless, mitch, gmg, and hyderabad, really appreciate your kind and supportive comments

  7. i love clocks like this, when you are late, you can always claim you checked the slow one and thought you were on time!

  8. haha sam, oh and wouldn't it be nice if it worked so you could use the faster clock to say when its time to go...