Thursday, July 30, 2009

On the Dan Ryan Expressway

35th street (go sox!)


  1. Suh-weet! ;)
    I was driving past that last weekend, but I was trying to take pictures of the train so I entirely missed this!

  2. too much light still it has its own charm :)

  3. hi chiching, oh i'd like to see your pictures of the train,

    thanks, exposemax, i thought i'd go with it, :)

  4. Too much to ask?
    Can any of you kind Chicago types recommend a good view of signage for the Dan Ryan Expressway? I'm thinking of a big green highway sign. I will be traveling through your city very soon and wanted to get my picture taken in front of it.

    Dan Ryan
    St. Louis

  5. hi dan ryan (!!) hmm the problem with the dan ryan is that there aren't that many signs where it is actually called the Dan Ryan except on the actual expressway, and i don't know how you can get your picture taken on it without getting mowed by the traffic! but maybe Chinatown? where you can get a sign directing you to the Dan Ryan from Ashland or Clark street...sorry for the delay in replying but I only saw this now...

    p.s. are you related to the actual dan ryan the expy was named for?