Wednesday, July 29, 2009

evening rain

Columbus Drive at Randolph


  1. A brooding, dramatic photo — I like it!

  2. Very soft gray blue
    nice perspective!

  3. This is lovely. We were down at Bistro110 on Monday...very very nice..pricier than I thought but sure was garden has done pretty well considering the weather....I am sure when school starts up again it will be 100* so we can really enjoy summer in the fall! good to see you!

  4. Just scrolling through and enjoying your shots today, b.c. I hadn't been here in a while. I ought to come more often, this stuff is great. That tryptich is stunning and I'm going to wonder all day how you did it.

  5. thanks hilda, alterdom, for your nice comments,

    hi neva, thanks...this july has been the best fall ever, hasn't it?

    hi petrea, thank you, the tryptich shot is the view over the new wing of the art institute, :)

    frank, hello and thanks very much for the comment

    hi meri, thanks,

  6. superb image :)