Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mural, 57th Street Metra Station


  1. thanks humanobserver

  2. Here here!

    B.C., my word verification today is "nerds." The other day on D.C. Confidential it was "farting." I kid you not. You gotta love the web.

  3. haha you guys, viva los interwebz

  4. At a time in history when civil liberties are eroding, this antique-looking mural makes a very powerful statement. Cheers!

  5. I am one of Astrid Fuller's nieces, and now a resident of Chicago.I remember watching her paint them (in fact, I am in a couple of them, and so is the rest of my family--but we have disappeared), and being impressed by her vision, her hard work, the way she involved the community, and by her knowledge of history. She really put her passion for justice into these murals, but now her work (and she, by extension) has been treated unjustly through hideous repainting with big polkadots. Sure, no restoration would make them the same as the way they were when they were fresh and in great condition, but this? This is more about Bernard Williams (who painted those big dots) than anything else, and I think it's a great shame.

    Astrid is still very energetically interested in justice and progressive social action, and she has spent most of her career as a social worker helping children who live in horrible circumstances. She is a very intelligent, highly informed person, and has a generous spirit. I hope that her very young grandchildren will be able to see at least a little of _her_ art in the murals some day.

    The rededication of her two murals will be next Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. Go!