Monday, September 29, 2008

Waiting for the Train

Van Buren Street Station


  1. It isn't exactly a hive of activity at that time of day.

    The building looks very interesting. The floor really caught my eye.

  2. Um, excuse me, but did ask this man if you could post his picture? I mean, really. You're taking quite a liberty with his privacy you know. Could you stoop any lower?


    Cool picture!

  3. no its usually not very busy at lunch time...thanks wayne, petrea and dc...hey dc, yeah its nice to sneak a few right? besides a train station is a public space...i think as long as no one is caught picking their nose or you know, scratching, then its fine, although sometimes the one you want to post is the one where someone is picking their nose, or scratching nether regions, haha...oh well nose-pickers beware