Sunday, September 7, 2008

For All Your Burning Questions


  1. That looks like it could be an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry . .

  2. Is this at the Museum of Science and Industry?

    I haven't thought about that place for years. I was so impressed with it when I visited years ago that I wrote a travel article which actually got published. It wasn't in Conde Nast, it was a small travel mag which is probably out of print long ago.

    This was years ago but they had a great cafeteria there at that time too.

    I'm not sure I want to hear what the sun sounds like.

  3. Hi iammbb and wayne,

    thanks very much for your comments. my apologies, i should have included the location in the post. this is in adler planetarium but iammbb, you were pretty close with your guess...

    wayne, that is so great!!! perhaps a return trip (and another article) soon?

    anyway, the sun sounds awesome...(fyi :)

  4. That is too good. What does the sun sound like? I bet it sounds wonderful.

  5. sounds like a far-off gregorian chant on synthezisers

    'swat it sounded like...