Friday, June 22, 2007

Storks at Play

My favorite detail of the fountain "Storks at Play" in the Lincoln Park Zoo by Augustus Saint-Gaudens (installed in 1887).


  1. PS - thanks for your comment today. I had not noticed your posts on the portal yet and I'm happy to see another Chicago DPB. My son does the other one. Actually, the pictures in today's post on his blog are mine, taken when I was in town last weekend.

    One artist I know criticizes Chihuly's work for being too easy. It's all beautiful, it's all eye candy. Although the forms may be complex, it doesn't challenge the viewer. How do you react to that view? By the way, my picture today was substantially twiddled in Photoshop. It was quite dark on the day I shot it so the image is corrected for levels, brightness, contrast and color saturation.

    I like your work. The blown-out highlights in your picture yesterday are quite effective in communicating harsh sunlicght in a B&W image.


    St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

  2. Wonderful in b/w. That gives more attention to the splashing water. The fish seems to be bigger than the little boy but he is holding him with grace and elegance.

  3. Beautiful photograph of a lovely merboy. Some fish!

  4. Great B&W photo, we like your blog.

  5. Thanks for your visit to Sydney.
    What a lively boy, great catch with the water splashing about!