Monday, June 18, 2007

Stare Down With a Noble Horse

The Noble Horse Carriage Stand at Michigan Avenue and Pearson Street. This gentle member of the brigade draws someone into a horse whispering session while the seasoned carriage drivers watch sagely from their perches.
Rides are $35 for a half hour clomp through the downtown side streets and back to their stand.


  1. When I first saw your photo I thought about the Seinfeld episode where Kramer fed the horse some beans, remember?

    Your daughter and the horse communing together - priceless.

  2. Annie, it was canned ravioli what Kramer fed that poor horse! I think I've seen that episode a dozen times and it always cracks me up. ROTFL!!!

    Bluechic, these photos are beautiful. I love the way the driver is looking at your daughter. So sweet. Have to find out how much they charge for a ride here, $35 doesn't seem too expensive. Is that per trip or per person?

  3. Great photos. The horse and girl are just fantastic.

  4. That price sounds good [assuming it is per ride and not per person]. We were charged 30 euros last year in Crete which is a very similar price.

  5. Hi Annie, I do remember that episode although I wouldn't have remembered that it was canned ravioli...that was hysterical! Thanks Fenix, for getting the specifics of that episode ahem, cleared up!!!

    Fenix, I think it is per trip, I didn't think to ask the carriage driver if it was per person.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments, Northbay and Gerald!

  6. the horse's name is aura, and the driver in the first photo is dave, the second photo is bruno (and his horse cisco). rides are 35$ per carriage per half (up to 4 people). thank you for recognizing these awesome animals (and the drivers too!). so many people walk right bye without ever knowing some of us...
    - another carriage driver

  7. thank you, another carriage driver, for stopping by here and telling us the names of the people (and horses) in the photos! And thanks for clarifying how much it costs to take a little tour. Next time I see you, we'll be able to tell who is who now!