Thursday, August 22, 2019

angels among us


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    1. thank you Abdul, and welcome to my chicago photo blog :)

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    1. Hey Deepak, thanks!! so nice to see you again, old friend :))

  3. "angels among us", images of angels among us: would I meet someday angels in some street? It happened I believed in the past to have met an angel. And she was a woman ;-)
    This street art painting is not what we generally categorize as street art. Anyway I like it very much. And it helped me to remember moments I had forgotten.

    1. hi Francis, it's always nice to meet an angel, i think i might have met a few myself... thanks so much for your thoughts on the 'street art', i didn't know what it was before i took the photo but i read that its a depiction of daedalus and icarus flying too close to the sun...