Monday, May 7, 2018

park here


  1. Was there a concert in town? Fun shot! Thanks for your comment on Ocala. I appreciate that very much. The last time I was in downtown Chicago was many years ago, just after the Democratic Convention of 1968 - a time when Mayor Daley told the cops to "shoot to kill" if the protestors got out of hand. There was lots of opposition to the Vietnam War. It was a scary time. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota was nominated but didn't win the election.

  2. Me again. I see you're into poetry. I am a poet of sorts - along the lines of Leonard Cohen. If you click on the picture of my book, "Perched on the Edge," you'll be able to get a "taste" of what my poetry is like.

  3. I'm sorry, B.C., but I took that down and forgot about it. You can check out my poetry blog which has the picture and link. Go to Creative Confections at

    1. Hi Lowell, thank you so much for sharing your Chicago experiences and the link to your poetry blog!

  4. cool,always great portraits ! ew )