Monday, July 1, 2013

Nuestra Senora


  1. Love the mildly startled look on the lady's face!

    Besides the stained window is brilliant!

  2. I have a new blog. Come and see it.

  3. The blue hair really stands out! I did blue hair for a summer, a couple of years ago. It really needed a lot of upkeep but it did look cool.

    BTW, Randy at Santa Fe Daily Photo posted a photo today with a similar element ( ... small world!

  4. Hi Rakesh, thanks, the "stained window" is actually a painting on the wall outside a little grocery store, in a spanish speaking neighborhood,

    Hi BipolarBunny, thanks for dropping in and letting me know, so glad to know you are taking it up again!

    Hi Tamera, the blue hair really stands out--good on you for trying it out! thanks for the info on randy at santa fe, gonna go look at it!