Saturday, January 19, 2013

empty spaces


  1. Oh oui cette photo est parfaite... Chacun suit son chemin, affairé à ses petites préoccupations, ou bien fixant son horizon, sans vraiment voir l'autre. J'aime aussi le contraste entre ces deux corps sur ce font geometrique

  2. how shall i fill
    the final places?
    How shall i complete the wall?

    great pic ;)

  3. I really love this, that wall backdrop is dramatic contrast. Great work as always, B.C.

  4. Sometimes it is the emptiness, which makes things useful; e.g. cups, doors.

    A great image. Please have a good new week.

  5. thank you so much, kwarkito-so very much appreciate your comment

    hi electricwave, yes yes! i love that you always get the pink floyd references,

    Hi Ton, thank you! i love this wall too....

    Hello Robert, i agree, there is a japanese philosophy that says to empty one's cup every night so that one might fill it again the next simple and useful and true... p.s. thank you for following my blog--i hope you will enjoy your visits!