Sunday, August 5, 2012

every dog has its day

Say hello to Skye, a friend I made while chasing some R and R with my family. I've chosen her to introduce you to my blog's new design which will include other pages coming very soon. Aside from little tweaks here and there, (I plan to dig back in and enlarge the past photos) everything should be up and running within the next couple days! 


  1. Excellent! Very nice shot. I like the new look too.

  2. Oh wow......Skye is so cute....thank you for the introduction., this is such a wonderful picture.....

    And, many thanks for your kind wishes! You are such a wonderful source of support and encouragement.

  3. hi Skye welcome! nice pic,Skye is wonderful..
    i'm curious to see the news of your blog...

  4. Hello pups! Great new format, by the way -- nice to see your wonderful photos in greater detail!

  5. Thanks very much Luis, Rakesh, electricwave (yes coming soon, I'm working on it!! Thanks yijihae!