Saturday, June 23, 2012

wash and fold


  1. this photo should not clean his color!

  2. Attractive tones, they immediately caught my attention.

  3. Very nice hues in this moody shot; I'll say it again (and again!), your shots have a cinematic quality.

  4. i like it, transmits a bit of solitude...

  5. What a beautiful shot. Lovely colors and composition.

  6. OMG that's a good photograph. The division of within and without.

  7. Hello friends, thank you so much for your comments, i really appreciated reading them!

    Cesc, lol you must separate the light clothes from the dark!!

    thank you Valladolid Daily, i used a color filter for this photo i have only used it once before but this is the first time i used it for a night shot

    Thanks you Frank!

    Hi Ton, i think night shots do tend to be moody but they are a little tricky to take, about that cinematic quality you mention, i really like that you think that!

    Hi electricwave! yes waiting for laundry can be lonely business...

    Thank you Luis!

    Thank you Bob! so glad you like it!