Tuesday, April 12, 2011

look inside


  1. haha the fountain looks so cute !! <3

  2. An interesting combination of reflection and looking through the blue object.

  3. Looking into the Crown Fountain faces but through what?

    We'll be in Chicago Thursday night - Sunday, spending our anniversary and a few days with Andy.

  4. Love this! I was just over there today and took a similar photo of the Crown Fountain through the white one (I've forgotten the name).

    I like how looking through them gives you different frames of the sky line and surrounding park. In that regard, they remind me of the Daniel Burnham pavilions (was that really 2 years ago?).

  5. hi Sach, me too, i love the faces specially when its kids, hi Frank, thanks very much, hi Bob, and thanks Daily Chicago, Bob I took this peering through one of the new sculptures at Millennium Park, sorry i could not include any info-- I took the photo in a hurry... @ Bob hope you enjoy your visit this weekend ! Daily Chicago, yes I remember...