Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chicago-Style Pizza

432 Columbus Avenue, NY. It's always nice to find a slice of Chicago-style deep dish pizza away from home. It's not too difficult considering there are over 200 such locations spread over 29 states.


  1. One of my favorite style pizzas. The few times I have been in Chicago I have not been able to get in the original Pizzeria Uno and have had to settle for Pizzeria Duo.

  2. And 35 of those are in MA! Didja know that? :)

    Neat pic!

  3. One of my favorite places to eat!!! also...Lou Malnatti's.

  4. Thanks, Clueless, Maria Elisa, Fenix, travelphil and neva!

    Clueless, I'm with you, I've only eaten at the Due downtown because Uno is always full to the gills.

    Fenix, I had no idea how Uno has --er shall we say overpopulated the Mass. pizzeria landscape...

    neva, thanks for sharing another great place to eat. I haven't tried Lou Mainatti's so I will keep that in mind the next time the urge to dive into a deep dish pie hits.

    Travelphil--welcome back!

    Elisa, Welcome to Chicago! Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you here again soon!

  5. Wow! Wait 'til DH sees this! When we were newly married in the early '60's (we eloped and got married in Old St. Mary's--sigh!) we ate at the original Unos in Old Town (couldn't affort Duos). Yup, we've been married for 45 years! Memories!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kate, amazing story indeed. And congratulations! 45 years! That's just awesome...