Wednesday, October 25, 2017



  1. Wow it sounds like a parallel dimension... :) ew

  2. What a magnificent interplay of shadows and light. I always wonder if it's morning or the end of the day. I'll opt for the morning, but without certainty. There is a great sweetness in this image. I also like the previous ones very much, and the color also suits you well: -) Otherwise, as far as your comment on my page is concerned, it's funny, I never thought of this kind of bird when listening to the beatles' song. Probably because it seems to me that crows scream more than they sing. Have a nice day

    1. thank you so much kwarkito, it was the end of a very pretty glad you like it! p.s. indeed i mostly prefer the songs of other birds but on certain days, there's a comfort in hearing blackbirds go about their regular business :))