Sunday, March 6, 2016

the tide rises, the tide falls


  1. i think it was jfk who said 'life is unfair'

  2. really intense picture.. sad but true.. ew

  3. thank you so much George and electricwave....

  4. Makes me think of the medieval concept of the wheel of fortune. I've generally decided not to photograph homeless people. Purely personal point of view, but they are so common in American cities and taking pictures of them feels too invasive of sorrow to me. Every photographer has to make up her or his mind about this.

    This also makes me think of a time I was in Philadelphia on business. The city had a big campaign going to discourage people from giving money to beggars. Philly thought it had good services for them and that giving money assisted alcohol and drug abuse.

    1. hi Bob, thanks so much for your thoughts on photographing the homeless. when i include the homeless in the photos I take, i do so because they're part of the picture, they're not invisible though they may feel no one sees them ...thanks...